Puppy Application:

Please fill out the 34 questions below. The answers to these questions will help us select a puppy that will meet your expectations, and compliment your lifestyle.

Please visit the site below. It contains wonderful information that will help you to prepare for a new puppy. Please download the free book located at:

Have you also visited www.grca.org?

Contact Information:



Phone Numbers:


1. Who referred you to me?

2. Why do you want to own a Golden Retriever?

3. Do any family members have allergies to dogs?

4. Has any family member ever been bitten by a dog? Please explain

5. Do you have other adults living in this home?

6. Do you have children living in this home? Please list names and ages of children.

7. Have you owned a Golden Retriever or other dogs in the past?
What happened to those dogs?

8. How many dogs share your home today? Please indicate breed, age, and if spayed / neutered.

9. Do you live in a house? Condo? Townhouse? Apartment?

10. Where will this puppy live? Please mark all that apply:

Outside in a kennel:
Fenced in Yard:
Do you padlock the gate?
Outside in a country setting:

11. Who will be responsible for the training and daily care of this puppy?

12. How do you plan to house train this puppy?

13. Where will your Golden Retriever be housed during the day?

14. Where will your Golden Retriever be housed at night?

15. How do you plan to fill your puppy’s need for exercise? Please mark all that apply

Fenced yard
Leash Walking
Ball Playing
Run free in a country setting throughout the day
Jogging Partner (not before 18 months of age)
Other: (Please specify)

16. Would someone be home with the puppy during the day? Please explain


17. Are you interested in taking puppy classes, obedience classes, or attend other activities with your puppy? Please explain

18. Have you ever completed an AKC Title? Please mark all that apply and the level achieved.

Other Certifications:

Canine Good Citizen
Therapy Dog


19. Have you ever put a CGC or a TDI title on your dog?

Are you interested in showing this puppy in dog show events? Please explain.
Show homes complete questions a- i.

a. Are you a member of GRCA?
b. Are you a member of any local Golden retriever Clubs?
c. Have you ever owned a show puppy? What happened to that puppy? Did it finish?
d. Have you ever bred a litter of Golden Retrievers?
e. If so, did you obtain OFA, CERF, cardiac, and thyroid health clearances prior to breeding?
f. Are you willing to commit to finishing the championship on this puppy before it is bred?
g. Will you use a professional handler or do you plan to show the puppy yourself?

h. Are you a breeder interested in a show quality puppy?

i. Are you actively showing in conformation?


20. Are you planning to neuter / spaying your puppy?

21. Do you prefer a male or female puppy? Why?


22. What would your size preference be once the dog is full grown ?
I have no preference


23. What color would you prefer your golden to be?
I have no preference

24. What type of personality / activity level are you looking for in your Golden?

25. Are you agreeable to returning this puppy to the breeder in the event you no longer are able to care for this dog, regardless of age?

26. Do you travel with your dog? Where will your dog be housed during vacations?
(boarded, stay at friends, pet sitter, stay alone)

27. Are you familiar with the Golden Retriever personality, grooming requirements, temperament, nutritional needs and activity level?

28. What books have you read about Golden Retrievers?

29. Are you willing to maintain a long- term relationship, to discuss the health and welfare of your puppy?

30. Please provide two references that have knowledge as to how your pets are cared for. Please make one of the references your current vet.

Name : Phone Number:


Name: Phone Number

31. How much does fur on your clothing, floors, or furniture bother you?
( ) Does not bother me
( ) Can tolerate somewhat
( ) Can not tolerate it

32. Jumping on people
( ) Could live with the problem
( ) Would do whatever it takes to correct the problem
( ) Problem would prompt me to part with the pet.

33.Do you have a fenced in yard?

34. Do you plan to use an electric fence with this puppy?

Thank you for filling out this application.

Please send pictures of indoor /outdoor living areas that the pup will have access to.


Please indicate the best phone number and time to call.

Thank you,
Terry Peace
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