Eurekas Chase on the Case

September 2014
Eye clearance:  normal, January 2015


Fletcher came to us from a Michigan breeder who is breeding for super temperaments.  Fletcher seems to be an “Old soul”.  He is laid back. easy going and undeterred by the noise and confusion of our household.  Fletcher immediately understood how to comport himself around crowds.  At 8 weeks he proved undisturbed by health care equipment and the dance of various health care providers.  He quickly learned how to quietly and safely navigate around the fragile family members.

Although Fletcher is a very handsome fellow with an outstanding temperment, he is not part of our breeding program.  Instead, Fletcher has returned to the Lansing Area to work as a family companion to Sunnee and Scott.  He works very hard assisting Sunnee in creating new and unusual landscaping at Scott’s House.  Fletchers idea of a great day is to help Scott create “to die for meals” on the Big Green Egg.   Fletcher is now going through official CGC testing to further pursue “official” therapy dog status

Although Fletcher is a very handsome fellow with a superb temperament he will not be bred.